The Naming Experience

What’s in a Name?

quote_openNot only does the sight and sound of your name influence impressions others have of you, the energy around your name creates a force field of attraction that affects relationships, job choices, personality development and financial success. Encoded in the letters of your name are clues regarding your destiny. Understand your name and you’ll know how to get where you want to be in life. Understand the names of those around you, and you’ll know how to relate most effectively to everyone you know and meet.quote_close

First Names

Are you more stubborn than most? Do you wonder why you can’t be less shy? Are you seldom content with the status quo? Your first name plays a big role in setting the behavioral mood of your personality. Once you know the energy behind your first name, you’ll understand why you do what you do. You’ll also understand why you struggle with particular challenges on the way to fulfilling your fondest dreams.

Important For
  • Personality development
  • Establishing everyday goals and desires
  • Attracting friends and romantic partners
  • Creating and maintaining life purpose

When it comes to identity, nicknames create an additional energy vibration that adds to the influence of the first name. To avoid an identity crisis or overall confusion, nicknames should be chosen with care and used with focused purpose. Even pet nicknames affect us when used regularly, so don’t be too quick to answer to “Honey” or “Babe” unless you know exactly what you are getting into.

Important For
  • Supporting a variety of life roles
  • Complimenting formal name influences
  • Bonding with special friends and partners
  • Trying on different identities
Middle Names

Middle names provide the energy influence around a person’s self-perception. Middle names are often the most personal and private of our name components, so they say a lot about how we see ourselves. They also act as a liaison between personal and professional goals, which means an individual without a middle name or initial can be at a disadvantage when it comes to creativity and manifestation.

Important For
  • Personal identity and self-understanding
  • Bridging communication between personal and professional goals
  • Establishing the energy of the full name
  • Creating the “middle initial” energy

Surnames don’t affect us individually, but they do create the mood of our family unit as a whole. All people who share the same last name are linked in a common purpose whether they are related by blood or not. During times past, surnames embodied the mood of a vocation or of a location, but today, the influence is not as specific. In paternal societies, surnames induct a woman into her husband’s family energy.

Important For
  • Joining all members of a family to a common purpose
  • Setting the mood for family trades/professional or living locales
  • Blending with the first and middle name to establish life purpose
  • Carrying family identity from one generation to the next
Full Names

The full name represents an individual’s overall purpose in life. Take a close look at the full name on your birth certificate and you’ll know exactly what you are meant to do in this life-time. The energy of the full name governs professional and vocational choices, also setting the mood for financial tendencies. Most people have several full name options, so go with the one that supports your best interest.

Important For
  • Defining life purpose
  • Influencing vocational and job choices, trades/professions or living locales
  • Establishing financial tendencies
  • Supporting the implementation of overall life goals and dreams