Names and Career Choices

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on August 22, 2016. Posted in in General

Discovering a job or career that will bring satisfaction, fulfillment and ample financial reward can be a challenge. In fact, many individuals try one job after another over a life-time, always reaching and searching for THE ONE. Believe it or not, a name can provide plenty of clues as to the type of work that would suit you best. First names like Lisa, Frank, Jennifer, Steve and Dan call for some physical involvement on the job. Other names such as Sarah, Larry, Joe, Maria and Anna boost social skills and a desire to interact with people. And then there are the names that support creative expression like Natalie, Tom, Anthony, Dorothy and Mark. Ever meet a Jim who effortlessly sold you a new car… or a Linda who was your absolute favorite math or science teacher? Those folks were living up to their name’s vocational potential!

If you happen to be struggling with your job choices, let your name provide a bit of counsel as to the direction that would take you to the next level of professional success. Could be you’re a natural entrepreneur thinking you couldn’t possible ever own your own business!