Is Your Name an Anxiety Generator?

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on June 16, 2017. Posted in in General

Names carry a silent and subliminal field of energy that influence us morning till night. Very much like the subliminal influence of color (red stimulates, blue subdues), name energy cannot be detected through our conscious awareness. It secretly does its thing behind the scenes relentlessly instilling a mood that we respond to minute by minute whether we want to or not!

There are actually some names that generate extra adrenaline non-stop. It’s all very purposeful since this energy is meant to motivate, stimulate and keep us from getting stuck. But if the adrenaline is not productively focused, it can feel like uncontrollable, full-blown anxiety.

What are some “anxiety generator” names? Kristen, Jason, Jeff, Rick,  Brent, Sheri, Emily, Becky, Greg, Eric, Beth, Laura, Dennis, Jess, Tyler, Ted, Bonnie, Erin, Jenny, Terry, Meg, Mike, Ed, Kelly, Glenn, Lindsey, Eli, Fred, Heidi… and the list goes on!

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