A Donald By Any Other Name?

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on June 8, 2017. Posted in in General

Many traditional first names are closely linked to commonly used alternative nicknames. And those nicknames frequently become more called-upon than the formal given name. Consider such examples as William (Bill, Billy, Will) or Elizabeth (Liz, Betty, Beth, Eliza).

So what about Donald Trump? What if he were to announce to the world that he now prefers to be addressed as Don? Would there likely be any name-shift changes to his personality? The answer to the question is a resounding “yes”! And interestingly, the changes would most likely be strongly positive. Gone would be a desire to play roles fueled by reactive adrenaline and gone would be a tendency to act first and think later. Instead, an objective and focused mental attitude would be encouraged along with a strong desire to serve from an altruistic humanitarian perspective. Might be interesting to start a Call-Him-Donald campaign when it comes to our President!