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Is Your Name an Anxiety Generator?

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on June 16, 2017. Posted in in General

Names carry a silent and subliminal field of energy that influence us morning till night. Very much like the subliminal influence of color (red stimulates, blue subdues), name energy cannot be detected through our conscious awareness. It secretly does its thing behind the scenes relentlessly instilling a mood that we respond to minute by minute whether we want to or not!

There are actually some names that generate extra adrenaline non-stop. It’s all very purposeful since this energy is meant to motivate, stimulate and keep us from getting stuck. But if the adrenaline is not productively focused, it can feel like uncontrollable, full-blown anxiety.

What are some “anxiety generator” names? Kristen, Jason, Jeff, Rick,  Brent, Sheri, Emily, Becky, Greg, Eric, Beth, Laura, Dennis, Jess, Tyler, Ted, Bonnie, Erin, Jenny, Terry, Meg, Mike, Ed, Kelly, Glenn, Lindsey, Eli, Fred, Heidi… and the list goes on!

Want to discover if your first or full name is an “anxiety generator” ?Want to learn how to productively use the adrenaline created by an anxiety generating name to get ahead in life? Schedule a phone consultation on my consult page….

A Donald By Any Other Name?

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on June 8, 2017. Posted in in General

Many traditional first names are closely linked to commonly used alternative nicknames. And those nicknames frequently become more called-upon than the formal given name. Consider such examples as William (Bill, Billy, Will) or Elizabeth (Liz, Betty, Beth, Eliza).

So what about Donald Trump? What if he were to announce to the world that he now prefers to be addressed as Don? Would there likely be any name-shift changes to his personality? The answer to the question is a resounding “yes”! And interestingly, the changes would most likely be strongly positive. Gone would be a desire to play roles fueled by reactive adrenaline and gone would be a tendency to act first and think later. Instead, an objective and focused mental attitude would be encouraged along with a strong desire to serve from an altruistic humanitarian perspective. Might be interesting to start a Call-Him-Donald campaign when it comes to our President!

Names and Career Choices

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on August 22, 2016. Posted in in General

Discovering a job or career that will bring satisfaction, fulfillment and ample financial reward can be a challenge. In fact, many individuals try one job after another over a life-time, always reaching and searching for THE ONE. Believe it or not, a name can provide plenty of clues as to the type of work that would suit you best. First names like Lisa, Frank, Jennifer, Steve and Dan call for some physical involvement on the job. Other names such as Sarah, Larry, Joe, Maria and Anna boost social skills and a desire to interact with people. And then there are the names that support creative expression like Natalie, Tom, Anthony, Dorothy and Mark. Ever meet a Jim who effortlessly sold you a new car… or a Linda who was your absolute favorite math or science teacher? Those folks were living up to their name’s vocational potential!

If you happen to be struggling with your job choices, let your name provide a bit of counsel as to the direction that would take you to the next level of professional success. Could be you’re a natural entrepreneur thinking you couldn’t possible ever own your own business!

Giving Up That Maiden Name

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on August 15, 2016. Posted in in Womens Corner

More and more women are questioning whether or not to take their husband’s surname after marriage or keep their maiden name. Especially for a woman who has developed her own business or who has a professional image connected with her last name, there could be consequences to leaving that name behind. Some women even feel that giving up a cherished lifelong surname will result in a degree of disconnection from their family. There’s no right or wrong choice regarding what to do with a maiden name, but one option that can be favorable for many, concerns using a maiden name as a middle name after marriage. In so doing, a woman maintains a link to her family history while at the same time merging herself into her husband’s heritage.

Whatever you decide to do with your legal name after marriage, consider a name consultation to determine the actual effect of your new signature on your job, career and finances. There are a host of life adjustments that take place when beginning a new life. Make sure your name identity will support those changes to best advantage.